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The world of finance is changing rapidly. New technologies are not just enabling the creation of new products and services, but are disrupting the fundamental business model of many financial services.

Artificial Intelligence is enabling automated (“robo”) advice services. “Digital” banks are growing in popularity… And peer-to-peer lending is becoming easier, safer and quicker… Meanwhile, blockchain may decentralise banking altogether.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg.

What is driving these changes? What’s the impact of these changes? How will the industry adapt? And what does this mean for the future world of finance?

In this context, it has never been more important for corporate employees to invest in skill development and continuous learning, to ensure they keep pace with changes and stay relevant.


We’ve designed a half-day bootcamp to provide a strong foundational understanding of how new and emerging technologies are impacting the financial services industry.

  • Introduction to Fintech: This session will provide an accelerated introduction to the key developments, trends and technolgies which have disrupted the finance industry, across a diverse range of verticals.

  • Understanding the fintech ecosystem: We will provide a big-picture view on the entire fintech ecosystem. Who are the key players in the ecosystem? What startups are disrupting various parts of the financial services industry? How does Australia compare to overseas markets?

  • Future of Fintech (panel): You’ll hear from a panel of experienced fintech experts who will share their experiences and insights on how the world of finance has changed, and what the future of finance industry will look like.

  • Tour & Networking: You’ll get an opportunity to connect with fintech experts, founders and fellow classmates over lunch. We’ll also give you a tour of the Stone & Chalk hub, which is one of the largest fintech hubs in the Asia-Pacific ecosystem.


You Will…